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Today is a very important date for the FMF PR team, because our work and dedication towards having in our client portfolio great professionals in the field of music for the audiovisual media are rewarded by the latest addition: one of the most important composers in the world of audiovisual music, and more specifically in the most thriving, upward and with more future in the industry right now: the music for video games.

A professional, who despite his youth, has been putting his enormous talent at the service of some of the most important sagas in videogame history for almost three decades. Titles as outstanding in the industry as Chrono Trigger (chosen as the best game of the last 30 years in Japan), Chrono Cross, Xenosaga, Xenogears, Xenoblade Chronicles or Final Fantasy XV are just a sample of the value, capacity and quality of his work, which has always been linked to names like Nintendo, Sony, Square Enix, Sega, Bandai Namco, Monolit Soft; developers that dominate the world market, creating fantastic soundtracks for adventures that have seen the light from the mythical SNES to the current Playstation 4, which have so far accompanied three generations and millions of gamers around the world, so the scope of his music, and its impact in the industry of the composition for the audiovisual medium must be considered of utmost importance.

He is no strange in the world of animation and television, for which he has also created great music in series of huge success, such as Inazuma Eleven, a worldwide phenomenon.

These credentials, the desire to undertake major projects and the connexion that created a bond from the first moment that our paths crossed, have resulted in FMF PR being the representation and advertising agency in Europe and the United States of, in our opinion, the best composer in the video game industry currently.

Without further ado, it is an immense pleasure for us to welcome the great Yasunori Mitsuda to our family.