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When last year the awards to the best of 2019 were given, we did so looking forward with high hopes for 2020.
As this year would be our Awards 15th edition. A remarkable number that led us to spotlight our experience and, at the same time, our youth.

But at that time we were not aware of what 2020 had in store for us. For all the world.

We announced the competition rules in the middle of the global pandemic, with the firm hope of being able to find a framework, at the end of this 2020, which would be much more friendly and safe to be able to carry out an awards ceremony worth of this 15th edition.

As the end of September and the deadline for admission of works for the awards is about to end, we sadly have confirmed that the scene has not changed much.

At this point we have two options:

One, to go ahead looking to carry out this edition, either way, forgetting the fact that the works presented in certain categories have been greatly reduced compared to other years, in accordance to the world scenario in which we currently live, and without forgetting the most important thing: the gala of this 15th edition, if it takes place in this last term of 2020, will not be able to count on the attendance of the majority of its international nominees.

The other option is, spoiler alert, the one we have decided to choose. That of wielding the time factor as the best weapon to face the current situation.
Protecting this important and special edition for us, hoping that this time factor clears up the current scenario and thus, we’ll be able to celebrate this edition AS IT DESERVES.

Because 15 years are worth celebrating with everyone. In person. And with some of the surprises that we had prepared and that we couldn’t keep in 2020.

Thus, this 15th edition of the JGA will be still open in their admission period until 2021. No closing date confirmed yet.

All of you will be able to continue sending your work for the most important edition, and the most disputed one ever.

We all hope that 2021 will bring in some peace, air and health. And if this virus continues with us, we will have many more tools to be able to live with it.

Everything for a prodigious and wonderful 15th edition. THE BEST.