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The XV edition of the Jerry Goldsmith Awards was held last Saturday April 15 at La Cultural De Úbeda.

As usual, it was a ceremony prepared with much love and care, though this time it was anticipated with special excitement, due to the halt that like many other events had suffered for two years. Besides the thorough work done by the people behind this event, who took care of every detail, it received the essential support of several sponsors like Úbeda City Council, from its feasts division, Cosentino, Interiorismo Trinidad, and More And More Design.

Aware of the prestigious name that these awards have made for themselves throughout the years, renowned composers coming from all over the world, from the United States to Japan, wanted to participate by submitting their works for different fields of the audiovisual medium.

Music for cinema, TV, videogames, scenic arts, or advertisement was represented by a series of works that amazed everyone for their outstanding quality on this edition. This made choosing a winner a quite complicated task. Categories like Music for Videogames, where each of the submitted works was a true masterpiece, stood out particularly.

All the assistants enjoyed a wonderful evening in which, besides the award ceremony itself, professionals from the film music industry, both experienced composers and young new talents, could meet colleagues from other countries and benefit from the synergy in this event to learn from each other and forge new relationships.

The winners of the coveted award in each category were the following:

In the Long Feature Film category the winner was Arturo Díez Boscovich with his work Urubú. The finalists were Christophe Julien with his work Coppelia and Taro Iwashiro with his work Fukushima 50.

In the Videogame category the winner was Kazuma Jinnouchi with his work Marvel’s Iron Man VR. The finalists were Cedric Baravaglio and Jean-Gabriel Raynaud with their work Wolcen Lords of Mayhem, and Laurent Courbier with his work Rogue Lords.

In the Song category the winner was Alberto Torres with his work Sal De Agosto. The finalists were Ki:Theory (Joel Burleson) with his work Evolve, and José Luis Pedrero and Javier Quillis with their work I’ll Be With You.

In the Promotion and Advertsing category the winner was Fabian Kratzer with his work Unicef Spot Grapefruit. The finalists were Olivier Daubry with his work Cupra and Daniel Trujillo with his work Al-ula#The Worlds Masterpiece.

In the Short Feature Film category the winner was Adriano Aponte with his work Fame. The finalists were Samuel Karl Bohn with his work Cognition and Alberto Torres with his work La Entrega.

In the Performing Arts category the winner was Eduardo Granell. The finalist was Martí Noguer with his work The Golden Rule.

In the Documentary category the winner was Alex Heffes with his work The Artic Our Last Great Wilderness. The finalists were Christine Aufderhaar with her work Aurora’s Sunrise and Josué Vergara with his work Out of The Blue.

In the Free Creation category the winner was Elia Cmiral with his work Altered Mind of 20-20. The finalists were Krzysztof A. Janczak with his work Amen and Phil McClean with his work The Last illusion.

In the TV category the winner was Yutaka Yamada with his work Vinland Saga. The finalists were the Ferrando Brothers with their work Yrreal, and Kazuma Jinnouchi and Nobuko Toda with their work Ghost In The Shell SAC 2045.

The two special awards, the Golden Jerry Goldsmith and the newly created Chameleon Jerry Goldsmith, went to Arturo Díez Boscovich and Alberto Torres respectively.