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Hello everyone. We have received many messages from around the world asking about this year’s Jerry Goldsmith Awards. Due to the situation that we are all living for several months now related to the Covid-19 pandemic, we did not rush tgings and have waited more than usual to launch the announcement of this award call and its eventual awards ceremony.

Without knowing even if this year we will be able to physically carry out the gala, given the dates that we usually hold it (since we are still very distant and somewhat uncertain given the continuous reports of specialists in the field), what ia true is that the Jerry Goldsmith Awards have never had a blank year. Not even when they had no Festival in which to host them (now they have their own event).

That is why we have decided to launch from today the 2020 call for the 15th edition of this prestigious awards.

This year marks the 15th year anniversary of our awards. An edition, that with the positive attitude that usually surrounds the awards, we think that will be special.

Well, we will work on how to carry out the awards ceremony. The important thing now is that you participate, with more enthusiasm if possible than ever.

Because our awards represent a toast to culture. A passion for music and the audiovisual media.

Thanks to that immortal spirit that made the composer who our awards are named after so unique.

Let the 15th edition of the Jerry Goldsmith Awards begin!