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Greetings to Everyone!

We know you have been looking forward for this message for a while. But obviously the global circumstances that we have lived through, and unfortunately we are still living, made us to act cautiously and think our steps carefully, with a view to celebrate of the Gala of our awards and, therefore, choose the winners of this important XV Edition.

We feel that in these times of immediacy and sometimes hasty decision-making, the most hardest thing is to wait and hold on until the horizon is clearer. But we believe that our awards and our participants deserve only the best: not only the best selection process but the best gala to deliver these XV JGAs, which could not take place yet in 2021, even if that was against our initial plans. But sadly plans that are finally impossible to fulfil in these last two years, have not been unusual …

The JGAs have a global, international nature. The participants come literally from everywhere in the world. Many participants from different cultures, customs and places, who have the firm will to win one of these well-known statuettes, in a gala where we all can share that happiness. It is therefore clear that we must look to 2022, where global and international travel will surely be closer to normality.

So we summon you all to next year. Our clear intention is to announce the dates and place of the celebration of our gala at the beginning of 2022. A gala that we hope will take place during the summer of next year in a place that we will reveal to you shortly and that we are sure you will love.

We take this opportunity to wish you Merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2022. May all your wishes come true and we all can meet next year.

Happy Holidays and may you all enjoy great music!