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Today we woke up in Spain with wonderful news about the project we were born with. The bedrock upon with Film Music Festival was built, will be released next April 15th. In just a few days. It was one of our most ambitious projects “The Passion Oratorio.”

This great concert was held in the Cathedral Mosque of Córdoba on 2015, a magnum opus composed by John Debney that translates to the concert hall his prodigious score for “The Passion of Christ” by Mel Gibson. The release may be purchased for the moment in the United States, in streaming platforms as well known as Amazon, Hulu or Itunes.

The release will feature exclusive commentaries from John Debney, Lisbeth Scott and Pedro Eustache. From Film Music Festival we are really grateful for the work performed by Costa Communications in order for this unforgettable concert wide release. Thanks Ray Costa.

The Passion Oratorio Trailer