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One of the great advantages of our new headquarters has been the continuous support received from the institutions. Cordoba is more than a cultural city; it is a city that is always looking to expand itself culturally. This is evidenced by the support shown by the different public bodies of the administration to our festival. Among them we must make special mention to the work done by the Provincial Council.

The Provincial Council of Cordoba was interested in our project since the beginning, so our work together was something that was destined to happen sooner or later. They were well aware of our work and history with the festival and wanted to make it grow within their capital. They have been a key element in coordinating different tasks with other agencies and their level of commitment has been, as it is at the present time, the highest. We can say without doubt that this year festival has been possible thanks to them.

The Council has been working hard and has used all its resources in making this Festival a big event, even in this time of crisis, not only for the Cordoba citizens, but for all of its loyal followers and for all those who want to experience it for the first time.