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One of the great advantages the Festival has gained, and therefore all those who will enjoy it this summer, is the wonderful venues the city has to offer. The city of Cordoba has a long list of amazing places full of history and beauty. The uniqueness of these venues is a clear example of the possibilities of raising the Festival to a higher status, which will look more prestigious than ever.

Some of the venues will be Cordoba’s Grand Theater, a fabulous building from 1873 that, after its recent restoration, maintains the original structure of an Italian theater with a large capacity of nearly a thousand seats; the Axerquía Theatre, a wonderful enclosure adapted to the natural environment, resulting in a completely outdoor amphitheater in a garden at the Colina de los Quemados, leaving the city of Cordoba on his back; the Andalusia Film Library in Córdoba is a cultural institution whose headquarters are located in the former Hospital de San Sebastian, a building declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; the Conference Centre, also set in the Hospital of San Sebastian opposite the Great Mosque, in the Jewish quarter, has modern facilities very appropriate for events like this festival; The Palacio de Viana, a building with five centuries of history, has been declared “National Monument and Garden Art” and is unique in the world with its Roman and Arabic tradition heritage. All of them are the perfect example of the greatness that the City of Cordoba brings to this year’s Festival.

Some of these wonderful places will host many of the activities of the International Film Music Festival, as long with other that will be made public during the next few weeks.