Honorary President – Mark Isham

Mark Isham worked during the 70’s and 80’s, with several famous singers and groups (both on tour and in recordings) from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys and Van Morrison.

The turning point of his career is 1983, which marked his debut in cinema with a Disney film, “Never Cry Wolf”, with which received rave reviews, opening him the doors to film scoring.

In his career, a highlight is his collaboration with film director Robert Redford, for whom composed “A River Runs Through It” (1992), and for which he received his only Oscar nomination. This work was followed by others, as “Quiz Show” (1994), the political drama “Lions for Lambs” (2007) and “The Conspirators” (2010), his latest collaboration with Robert Redford.

Among his films are masterful works such as the comedy “Racing Stripes” (2005), the great noir movie thriller “The Black Dahlia” (2006), directed by Brian De Palma, the award-winning “Crash” (2004), winner of three Oscars, the wonderful “Fly Away Home” (1996), the family drama “October Sky” (1999), the period thriller “Public Eye” (1992), the action thriller “Point Break” (1991) or sports drama “The Miracle” (2004)

He has been nominated to the Golden Globes for “Nell” (1992), to the Grammy for “Men of Honor” (2000) and “A River Runs Through It”, to the Emmy for the series “Chicago Hope” (1994) and “Nothing Sacred” (1997), winning an award for the television show “EZ Streets” (1996). He has also won several ASCAP awards for his compositions for “Blade” (1998), the series “Family Law” (2000) and the drama of Disney, “Eight Below” (2006), receiving in 2007, a special award as Songwriter of the Year at the Hollywood Film Festival. He is currently responsible for putting music on the television series “Once Upon A Time”. Regardless of genre, media, or place, Mark Isham shows a limitless ability to electrify the listener with a talent for evocative new musical worlds.

Last year, Mark Isham first attended the “International Music Film Music Festival Ciudad de Ubeda”. During his stay, attended to the fans, participated in discussions and contributed to the festival with his great music in the symphonic concert. Although without a doubt, his most notable moment in the festival was the jazz concert in which he performed with Carles Cases’ Band with Isham himself on trumpet. This concert became a show that is part of the collective memory of those attending this event as one of the most unforgettable and memorable. In the days of the event the american composer was acclaimed and loved by the organization and the fans. In addition, Isham demonstrated to be, not only one of the most professional musicians who have come to the festival, but was the first to show a clear interest in the growth of the event. For their willingness to collaborate with the organization, to support this festival and above all his human qualities, Mark Isham was the ideal candidate to be the Honorary President of the Festival.