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Today is a great day for the FMF family. Our new public relations agency is created, specializing in composers for the audio visual media and festivals. A new professional line that joins those already undertook by FMF such as the organization or co-organization of concerts and festivals.

More than 15 years of experience in organizing, programming and developing projects in the world of music for the audio visual media have brought to FMF an specialized knowledge of this medium. The medium where composers work; the medium where Festivals are presented and developed and the medium where their achievements, works and activities are communicated.
In order to make the most of this knowledge and experience value, FMF PR is born: our division of Coaching, Professional Advice and Public Relations for Festivals and Composers specialized in music for the audio visual media.

An integral service that seeks, if you are a composer or you organize a festival, boosting your visits on social networks, improving your image to the outside world, increasing your ticket sales, advising on decision making, or granting you more freedom for meeting your own achievements. In conclusion, make sense of what led you to this work: create, compose and develop your creativity without your attention being hindered by other areas that for you are less accessible or interesting, but that are also necessary to get along without difficulties in your work sector and to bring your talent out there.

We are very happy with this important step we have taken. And we have done it in the company of several professionals who value our good judgment, knowledge and professionalism.

Discover the team of professionals behind FMF PR and our first clients: