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Dear composers and fans,

First of all, we want to extend our sincere thanks for the involvement, enthusiasm and passion that each and every one of you, those who are part of this year’s awards, have given us with each of the works that you have sent.

Come to this edition, after 13 years of existence, with all the works and participants who have opted for these prestigious awards, with all that accumulated illusion that brings each new edition, we have seen also the need to, ourselves, make a quality leap in clear response to the responsibility we have for all participants, awards and, of course, the family of the legendary composer who gives name to these: Jerry Goldsmith.

Many years have passed since Bsospirit / Film Music Festival, helped us to have real friends. The kind of friends that help you to evolve and get there where you would never think could be able to arrive.

This has been a journey made not only by us, but by all those who have supported the awards. Those who have given shelter to them with their cities or festivals. From Úbeda, Córdoba and Málaga. Places that hosted the awards within Festivals that we, from Bsospirit / Film Music Festival, organize or help in their development from an active and committed position.

And for that, we want to thank all those who have given their indispensable support and prestige to these awards. THANK YOU.

Today we are in a sweet moment, one where we can take a new decisive step for our awards. A step that implies providing a unique and specific activity to the Jerry Goldsmith Awards.

An event that, responding to its international nature, will be born where geographical borders are blurred. We are breaking walls rather than create them. To build bridges. To value talent throughout the world. Literally.

This year we had the participation of composers from 23 different nationalities. Spain, France, Chile, Italy, Brazil, United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany, Holland, Bulgaria, Japan, Guatemala, Switzerland, Turkey, Poland, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Finland, China, Canada, Cyprus, Greece, Colombia , Ireland, Norway, Australia, Lithuania and Portugal. Without a doubt, the Jerry Goldsmith Awards are the most international music awards for the world’s audiovisual media. As we say for our awards: talent has no barriers.

So, responding to that international character of the event, the Jerry Goldsmith Awards Festival will have two venues. Yes, you read correctly, two.
One in Spain, in a city that we will unveil in the coming weeks (we are evaluating several options) and a second one in Los Angeles.
Yes, you have read well, in Los Angeles, Hollywood, the film industry, the place where dreams are born, the place where one of the greatest composers that gave the history of cinema was born and lived: Jerry Goldsmith.

And how will the process be? Easy. Write down if you are nominated in the current edition (although we will contact you personally to define details with you).

First stage:
Main venue: Spain – city to announce shortly.
Date: First days of November (concrete date that will coincide with the announcement of the venue in Spain).
Structure: An awards ceremony that will take place in the Spanish city chosen by the Film Music Festival and where the winners of each of the eight categories of the awards will be unveiled.

Second stage:
Main venue: Los Angeles – The Hollywood Music in Media Awards.
Date: November 14.
Structure: During the development of the awards ceremony of the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, the Golden Jerry Goldsmith Award will be presented. Main award, chosen among the 8 winners presented in Spain during the first phase of the Jerry Goldsmith Awards Festival.

We still have some surprises, but we wanted to take advantage of the announcement of all our nominees to this XIII edition of the Jerry Goldsmith Awards, to advance this new horizon that opens for our awards.

Soon we will notify you with more details.

Thank you.