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What it came to be a mystery for so long among the followers of this festival has finally been revealed. Córdoba is the city that will be hosting this year event.

This very important city in Andalusia, is one of the cities with more cultural tradition and a vast wealth of history, and has been recently ranked as a World Heritage Site for its historical and artistic value. And will be, since this summer 2012, the new headquarters for the BSO Spirit’s International Film Music Festival.

The festival began its career in the city of Úbeda, and over the years grew bigger and bigger reaching a moment of development that required several logistical needs for its evolution, that the historic but small city was unable to fulfill. For this reason above all others, the Festival’s Organization had to find a place, a city that could provide the festival all the needs required for its growth.

But this would not be enough. During the 7-year history of the Festival, Úbeda had offered a great value to the attendees with its beautiful landscape, rich culture, historic background and the warmth of his countrymen. In other words, you had to find a city with the same spirit.

Of all the candidates, no one met the requirements better than Cordoba, who also showed a special interest in the Festival even before any negotiations began.

The Andalusian city was nominated for European Capital of Culture for 2016 and it is the ideal place to make the festival grow and surely will dazzle both attendees and guests, with its spectacular avenues, historic architecture and enjoyable cuisine.

It is time to grow, to expand, and to become larger. And now, thanks to Cordoba, this is possible.