Musical Director – Blake Neely

Musician from an early age, arrives to film scoring through his mentor and friend, the late Michael Kamen. During his time in MediaVentures, working with Hans Zimmer composing additional music for such films as “The Last Samurai” or “King Arthur”, or as  orchestrator in jobs such as “Spanglish” or “The Simpsons”. He has also worked as a conductor with John Powell for “Hancock” and James Newton Howard also on several projects, like “Michael Clayton” or “King Kong”, where he also composed additional music. As for his solo career as a composer, he earned part of his fame through his work on the series “Everwood” (2002-2006), which was nominated in 2003 for an Emmy Award, which will provide him an opportunity to compose several works for television shows of all kinds. These series include the great success of “The Mentalist” (2008-2010) or “The Pacific” (2010)

Blake Neely presence at the “International Film Music Festival Ciudad de Ubeda” was a hurricane of energy, talent and fun. Neely, who joined the guest list shortly before it was closed, showed a special interest in attending the same if only as an assistant; and from the outset was more like a member of the organization. His contribution to the tribute of Michael Kamen was one of the most emotional moments of the symphony concert for both, attendees and himself. Neely, was always ready for everything and always with an attitude full of enthusiasm, constantly joking but without leaving their professionalism aside. He was close to the fans and enjoyed as much as them (or more) all the festival activities. His career as a conductor and the incredible feeling that showed from the first day with the organization, made this great American musician to become nothing but a member of the family and the perfect musical director for the festival. His contribution will be evident to all those attending the festival this summer.