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Alea Iacta Est

Here you have the complete list of nominees to all categories of the XIV Jerry Goldsmith Awards. Break a leg to all nominees and thank you, thank you very much, to all – nominees and all other participant artists- who have contributed with their talent and work to make this the most disputed edition in the history of our Awards.
Best Score for Adverising / Promotion

‘Bertha Benz: The First Driver’ – Matija Strniša (Eslovenia)

‘Moments’ – Marios Takoushis (Cyprus)

‘Family on Board – Trailer’ – Robert Ostiak (Polonia)

‘ Toy Story 4’ – Jake Monaco (USA)

‘ESCAC – ¿Quieres hacer cine?’ – Joan Vilà Moll (Spain)

‘Luminous & Unstoppable – Captain Marvel Trailer’ – Aleksandar Dimitrijevic (Noruega)

‘El indiscreto Rasputín’ – Alberto Torres (Spain)

‘Little Purple Bubbles’ – Adriano Aponte (Italia)

‘Bertha Benz: The Journey That Changed Everything’ – Steffen Thum (USA)

‘Leche Pascual – Camellos’ – Dani Trujillo Martínez Martínez (Spain)
Best Score in a Free Creation Form

‘Gate of Spring: for Symphony Orchestra’ – Dani Howard(UK)

‘Los últimos días de Troya’ – David Rivas Compositor (Spain)

‘Marea Alta’ – Erella Atlan (France)

‘La Malvarrosa’ – Jorge Granda (Spain)

‘BSBD’ – Kim Planert(USA)

‘Life’ – Lisandro Rodríguez (Spain)

‘Aurore Boreale’ – Sandrine Rudaz (Switzerland)

‘Connection para trompa y orquesta sinfónica’ – Oscar Navarro Music (Spain)

’Transient Thoughts’ – Sarah Lynch (Ireland)

‘Flores de Mariola’ – Romu Agulló (Spain)
Best Score for TV

‘The Umbrella Academy’ – Jeff Russo (USA)

‘ZOMBIELARS’ – John Erik Kaada (Noruega)

‘The Dragon Prince Season 1’ – Freddie Wiedmann (USA)

‘Carnival Row’ – Nathan Barr (USA)

‘La Casa de Papel – Season 3’ – Ivan Martinez Lacamara and Manel Santisteban (Spain)

‘Good Omens’ – David Arnold (UK)

‘Victor Hugo. Enemy of the State’ – Etienne Forget(France)

‘Vida Privada’ – Jordi Nus (Spain)

‘The Boys’ – Christopher Lennertz (USA)

‘Necrópolis’ – Renan Franzenn (Brazil)

‘Days Gone’ – Nathan Whitehead (USA)

‘Remnat from the Ashes’ – Rob Westwood (UK)

‘Battle Tech: Urban Warfare’ – Jon Everist (USA)

‘Darksiders 3’ – Cris Velasco (USA)

‘Frostpunk’ – Piotr Musiał (Poland)

‘Control’ – Petri Alanko and Martin Stig Andersen (Finland/Denmark)

‘State of Decay 2’ – Jesper Kyd (USA)

‘Blood and Truth’ – @Jim Fowler and Joe Thwaites (UK)

‘Outer Wilds’ – Andrew Prahlow (USA)

‘Fallout 76’ – Inon Zur (Israel)

‘La Baque au Doigt (The Proposal)’ – Erwann Chandon(France)

‘Trivial’ – Manel Gil-Inglada (Spain)

‘Rebirth’ – Mathieu Alvado (France)

‘Over the Wall’ – Nami Melumad (Nami) (Israel)

‘The Egg’ – Piers Burbrook de Vere (Australia)

‘Frank´s Joke’ – Pablo Scopinaro (Italy)

‘Bruised’ – Kevin Smithers (USA)

‘Bicho’ – Alberto Torres Malalenguas (Spain)

‘Capitaine France – Mathieu Lechowski (France)

‘What is Love’ – Joan Vilà Moll (Spain)
Performing Arts

‘Metamorfosis’ – Luis Miguel Cobo (Spain)

‘Divino Desierto’ – Samuel Aguilar Pereyra (Spain)

‘El Gigante Egoísta’ – Juan Giménez Cerezo (Spain)

‘El Sueño De Dalí En Una Noche De Picasso’ – Ignacio y Jorge Ferrando García (Spain)

‘Robin Hood: An Opera In Three Courses’ – Dani Howard(UK)

‘Alas’ – Fran Romguer (Spain)

‘Vuela Alto’ – Jose Javier Delgado Pulpillo (Spain)

‘The Lost Land’ – Nicklas Schmidtt (Denmark)

‘Mi Película Italiana’ – Luis Miguel Cobo (Spain)
Best Song

‘The End Of The World’ – Lucas Suarez (Spain)

‘Underwater’ – Mathias Weber/Sean Renner (USA)

‘Battle Throught The Heaven’ – Fang Wen (China)

‘Our Time For A Lifetime’ – Fran Romguer y Jesús Zambrana Rodríguez (Spain)

‘The Deepest Ocean’ – Victor Hugo Fumagalli – Composer (Switzerland) Mariachiara Terragin (UK)

‘I´ll Wait For You’ – George Kallis (Chipre)

‘Invisible Ink’ – Siddhartha Khosla /Taylor Goldsmith (USA)

‘The Only Thing I Know’ – Johannes Repka (Germany)

‘Mirage’ – Hayat Selim (Egypt)

‘Chainsaw Kitty’ – Richard Albert – Richard Albert – BradSchneider – Nicholas Tana (Germany / USA )
Best Score for a Documentary

‘Insignificant- Une Espèce à Part – Etienne Forget (France)

‘Finis Terrae’ – Christoph Zirngibl (Germany)

‘The Big Little Farm – Jeff Beall (USA)

‘Tierras Solares’ – Pablo Cervantes (Spain)

‘The Superpowers of the Bear – Olivier Militon – Music Composer for films (France)

‘Free Solo’ – Marco Beltramii/Brandon Roberts (USA)

‘The Little Land of Mines’ – Jeremy Zuckerman (USA)

‘Oscuro y Lucientes’ – Eneko Vadillo (Spain)

‘Extraordinary Rituals’ – Nainita Desai (UK)

‘Querido Fotogramas’ – Lisandro Rodríguez Spain)
Best Score for a Feature Film

‘Rory’s Way – The Etruscan Smile’ – Frank Ilfman(Israel)

‘US’ – Michael Abels (USA)

‘El Man del Porno’ – J Pulido Lopez (Colombia)

‘The House with a Clock in its Walls’ – Nathan Barr (USA)

‘Quand On Crie An Loup – The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ – Erwann Chandon (France)

‘My Extraordinary Summer With Tess’ – Franziska Henke (Germany)

‘Cliff of Freedom’ – George Kallis (Cyprus)

‘Becoming Astrid’ – Nicklas Schmidt (Denmark)

‘The Curse of La Llorona’ – Joseph Bishara (USA)

‘Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five’ – Lolita Ritmanis , Michael McCuistion and Kristopher Carter (USA)